My study

Understanding the nature of the Earth atmosphere

Based on balloon-borne observations, I have tried to understand more clearly the air mass transport and chemical distribution in the troposphere and stratosphere from the dynamical standpoint. My scientific interests are as follows.

  • Dehydration processes in the tropical tropopause layer
  • Air mass transport associated with deep convections
  • Cloud microphysics
  • Air mass transport processes from troposphere to stratosphere
  • Circulation in the stratosphere
  • Changing in transport field caused by global climate change


  • Meteorological Society of Japan
  • Japan Geoscience Union
  • The Japan Society of Atmospheric Chemistry
  • American Geophysical Union
  • European Geosciences Union


[2] 科研費2018-2020年度 基盤研究(C)研究課題名「極域最下部成層圏における大気輸送と物質分布の変動要因の解明」研究課題番号「18K03738」(代表: 稲飯洋一)

[1] 科研費2015-2017年度 若手研究(B)研究課題名「熱帯対流圏界層クロック・トレーサー濃度変動と成層圏大気年齢についての研究」研究課題番号「15K17760」(代表: 稲飯洋一)


– Atmosphere
– Atmospheric Environment
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
– International Journal of Climatology
– JAXA Research and Development Report
– Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics
– Remote Sensing

Photographs of our observations in February 2014.

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